Keeping Your Home (and yourself) Cozy in Quarantine

Keeping Your Home (and yourself) Cozy in Quarantine

We have all been spending much more time inside than you are probably used to, so keeping your home cozy, organized and clean during this time is even more important than usual. Between organizational baskets and credenzas to comfy clothes and candles Laura of Pembroke has exactly what you need!
This whimsical toy basket is perfect for any room in the house!  This toy basket will make cleaning up a breeze since it is on wheels! 
Retail $214
Our Price $184
There is plenty of storage inside of this light wooden credenza.  This piece is great for an entryway, dining room or living room.  Now it is time to decide what to store inside! 
Retail $2,664
Our Price $1,948
This basket is perfect for so many different purposes it is hard to decide which would be best!  Utilizing it as a laundry basket is a great option and it will look great while it is waiting for your laundry to be about a chic laundry room!
Retail $96
Our Price $75
Do you feel like your home has toys, toys everywhere?  If so, then this set of 3 wire baskets is perfect for you!  You can group them together, or you could put 1 in each room that needs it.  Either way you do it it will make cleaning up a lot cuter! 
Do you have your hands full of supplies while you make your way to the back patio for picnic time at home?  This utensil basket is great because it can be used indoors and outdoors.  It really does make carrying all of the utensils much easier!
Burning a fresh smelling candle can make so many things better, especially when you have been stuck at home on days end!  The Nest Bamboo candle is a classic scent that will never grow old.  Now..go ahead and run a warm bath, pour a nice glass of wine and relax with your bamboo candle!  *The bamboo scent is also available in a diffuser, room spray, lotion and soap
Who would have thought hand soap would be hard to find?!  This Cucina hand soap will not only leave you smelling fresh, but it also comes in a visually appealing glass bottle!  Perfect for either the bathroom or kitchen. *Comes in a foaming soap and in other sizes
This all purpose cleaner is the same scent as the soap above.  It works great on kitchen counters and will leave your kitchen smelling fresh!
This tee pairs perfectly with leggings and jeans (but most likely right now leggings).  
This tunic is great if you are looking to wear something a little longer with leggings!

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