Meet Our Mascots!

If you are a regular at LOP, odds are you've met our mascot, Eloise! Eloise is Lauren's French Bulldog and has been "working" at LOP for over 2 years! (We joke that she is employee of the month... every month!) She recently started making appearances in our weekly email blasts with "Eloise's Pick of the Week". 

This past weekend, Eloise was joined by another friendly frenchie, Beatrice! Beatrice is Laura's new fur baby and today marks her first day in the LOP family!! 

We love having pups at work, and they are always more than happy to greet our customers with a friendly lick! 

A big thank you to fabulous ladies at Paper Twigs who dropped off a welcome gift for Beatrice and a beautiful arrangement for Eloise, too!!! If you haven't stopped in their shop..... get in there ASAP!!! Their floral arrangements are truly ART! 


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