White Walls for the Win!

White Walls for the Win!

Picking the perfect paint color is HARD. The little 1 inch swatches aren't a ton of help. It's such a PERMANENT decision. Does it look OK with the trim color? Different lighting can turn colors 10 shades lighter or darker, more yellow, pink, and the list goes on. 

So let's simplify it. Pick WHITE! White walls give you the perfect blank slate to create a beautiful home with the things you put in it, not what you put on the walls. Let's not forget the 1990s/2000s when everyone painted EVERYTHING 50 shades of beige. If we would've stuck with a clean white palette, it would have saved everyone a lot of repainting. White walls give rooms that elegant fresh look before you even fill the room. There is something just CLEAN about the color white. 

Now, it's not just THAT simple, it's not like you can just go to Home Depot and tell them you want "White". But we've narrowed it down to a few of our favorites to help you simplify your search!

1. Sherwin Williams Alabaster - This was the 2016 Sherwin Williams color of the year- but we've loved it a lot longer than that! It is the perfect off-white.

Alabaster White

This dinette used alabaster white painted shiplap! Alabaster looks a lot lighter in "real life" than it does on the paint sample. It's beautiful and elegant and a great contract to the dark wood floors.

Laura of Pembroke Interior Design Memmer Homes

2. Sherwin Williams Dover White - Similar to Alabaster, Sherwin Williams Dover White is more of a creamy white. It looks pretty with more of a stark white trim color, like High Reflective White.

Dover White

3. Benjamin Moore Pure White - While Alabaster and Dover White are definitely on the warm end of the spectrum, Benjamin Moore Pure White is more on the cool end with some blue undertones. (This is Karen's favorite! She says it reminds her of a milkshake. Ha!)

Pure White

4. Sherwin Williams High Reflective WhiteHigh Reflective White is probably the truest "white" of the group. We've used this in projects for trim, ceilings, walls, everything! You can't go wrong if you want a truly stark white look.

High Reflective

Here's an example of one of our past projects done almost completely in High Reflective White! 

Example of High Reflective White

If you're still having trouble selecting the perfect paint color, that's what we're here for! Give us a call at Laura of Pembroke in Canton at 330-477-4455 or in Cleveland at 216-508-6060 to schedule an appointment with one of our interior designers! 



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