What to Pack for a European Getaway

What to Pack for a European Getaway

Grab your suitcase-it’s time to go to explore Europe!  Rome, London, Amsterdam, Athens, Paris-wherever you are headed Laura of Pembroke has you covered!
I used to be totally against using a carry on while packing for a long trip, but now I feel like it is the best way to go.  You do not have to worry about losing your luggage or lugging around a bag heavier than you are. Even if you will be gone for more than a week the key is to pack items that can be worn multiple times, but different ways.  Here are some items that are also picture worthy so you can look back on trips and think, “Wow, look at that outfit it wore (and that beautiful scenery)!”
Here are some of my top picks for a European Getaway, especially when you will be traveling in different climates throughout the trip!
Dresses are great to pack with because you get a full outfit in just one item.  You can layer a cute jacket or coat to dress it in a different way on another day.  Dresses are especially great if you will be traveling to multiple climates because you can also just throw on tights if necessary.  Here are two great travel dresses that just arrived at Laura of Pembroke!
LINE Dress $295
Cupcakes and Cashmere Dress $108
Cupcakes and Cashmere Dress $108
Cupcakes and Cashmere Jacket $148
This lightweight cashmere sweater is the perfect travel companion.  Since it is black it can be worn an endless amount of ways, can be dressed up or down, and can be layered.  Here are a few different ways to wear this one piece.
LINE lightweight cashmere sweater $165
Hudson Jeans Originally $198 SALE $98
LINE lightweight cashmere sweater $165
Soia and Kyo Suede Jacket $470
You always have to pack one good pair of comfy sweatpants while traveling (or 2 or 3 pairs).  These new Generation Love sweatpants are not only super comfy, but they are also super cute and stylish.  You can throw them on with a fashionable sneaker and sweater and you will look stylish while still being comfy!  You will be able to get in all the sightseeing while wearing these pants!
Generation Love Sweatpants $128
Generation Love Sweater $195
South Parade Mules Originally $110 SALE $39
Necklace $40
Remember the ladies at both Laura of Pembroke locations are happy to help you pack!  Happy Trails!

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