Simplify for the New Year!

Simplify for the New Year!

"Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication." - Leonardo Da Vinci

 For the New Year, I'm choosing to be more intentional and keep fewer, more useful and more beautiful things in my home.  Hopefully I can get rid of the clutter and simplify my space.   They are so many ways to reduce all the "stuff" and create a living space with things we truly love and have some meaning behind them.  Don't try to tackle everything at once. Start slow with one room, cupboard, or shelf.

Here are some tips to simplify your home:

  • Beauty - Do I like the way this looks and feels in my home?  Will its beauty last in the long run?

  • Permanence - Is the item going to stand the test of time? Is it too on trend that in a year or so it will be out of style?

  • Usefulness - Are we going to get good use out of it/or is there something else that has the same purpose? Think quality over quantity. 

  • Discard - As the saying goes, "Use it or lose it".  If you rarely use or wear something, get rid of it!

  • Everything in its place - There should be a place for everything, so you don't have everything sitting on the counter.

  • Baskets - Use baskets for organization - They are a great way to organize shelves, toys, and anything that needs its own space.

  • When in doubt, put something in a box for a month.  Go back to it and if you didn't miss it or need it, get rid of it.

  • Gratitude - Always remember to have an "Attitude of Gratitude".  Don't think about the "stuff" you don't have, but the things in life that are truly important like family, faith, and friendships.

2018 can be a year to slow down, enjoy the little moments, let go of grudges, and make time for yourself and your family.  Have a happy and productive New Year!!!


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