Home Organization Inspiration!

Home Organization Inspiration!

"A place for everything, everything in its place." - Benjamin Franklin 

If you're planning on doing some spring cleaning, now is the perfect time to also organize and unclutter your home. To keep from getting overwhelmed, you can make a plan to do one room a week or even a couple of drawers or cabinets each week.  What ever plan keeps you on task. Remember, you don't have to sacrifice design to get organized.

You can start in your "Central Command Center" or home office.  Keep important information ( important phone numbers and emergency contacts, as well as schedules in a folder and put in a place  where it is easily accessible. You can use decorative boxes to store items that you don't want sitting out on your desk or shelf.

laura of pembroke storage boxes

laura of pembroke storage boxes 

Laura of Pembroke zinc caddy

There is a lot of value in built-in furniture but it doesn't always increase the value of your home.  Freestanding furniture gives you flexibility in your design style while also offering storage solutions.  Now that flat screens are the rage, you can easily set on a stylish buffet or sideboard and can be easily reconfigured to hide bulky electronics and wires.  If you don't like the distraction of a big, black tv in your pretty family room/great room, then you can still store it in a elegant armoire.  Beautiful cabinets can add a sophistication to any room while also offering functionality.  You can really think outside the box when it comes to storage possibilities.

laura of pembroke cabinet laura of pembroke cabinet

Laura of pembroke cabinet laura of pembroke cabinet

laura of pembroke cabinet

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Decorative shelving is also a great way to display pretty items in an organized manner.  Make use of baskets or decorative boxes to keep items you use but don't want everyone to see out in the open.  Group things by shape, function, or even color.  Glassware can be put together in one place, a couple of decorative items in another, and then you can arrange your books by color to keep them aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Circular decorative shelf

laura of pebroke decorative shelves decorative sheles laura of pembroke

laura of pebroke decorative shelveslaura of pembroke decorative shelves

laura of pembroke decorative shelves laura of pembroke decorative shelves

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Often times a home can look unbalanced and cluttered with too many hard furniture pieces. To avoid this, you can integrate softer upholstered pieces to your space.  Ottomans can be functional and beautiful at the same time when used as a coffee table or at the center of seating area.  Storage benches are also a great way to keep things organized and out of the way.

When organizing your home, you want to do it once, do it right, and enjoy the order it can bring to your life.



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