Confessions from a New York Buying Trip #2!!!

Confessions from a New York Buying Trip #2!!!

Confessions from a New York Buying Trip #2! 

"I've been shopping all of my life and still have nothing to wear."

                                                                                   - Every woman ever


If you haven't read the first "Confession of an NYC buying trip", you should!  It's definitely a must-read ;).  Another buying trip to NYC in September was definitely an adventure.  We traveled the day after a bomb went off in Chelsea, and the President was in town with other Heads of State for the UN General Assembly.  Needless to say, New York was crazier and more crowded than ever.  It was also my big 5-0 birthday weekend, so my sweet niece Lauren planned dinner for us at NoMo in SoHo.  If you're looking for a place to go for dinner when in the city, I highly recommend it!  The food was delicious and the ambiance was cool and eclectic!  Plus, we had a surprise guest, Emily.  What a way to celebrate my birthday!!!

NoMo SoHo laura of Pembroke coterie fashion NoMo SoHo NYC laura of pembroke coterie fashion


This trip was a big one!  We were buying for Spring and early Summer. The show is called Coterie and is held at the Javitz Center. Imagine any convention center you've ever been to and then imagine it on steroids!

laura of Pembroke coterie buying trip new york City  


If you want to be on trend for 2017, off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder tops and dresses are still going to be the style of the Spring and Summer season.  It's great for those of us that don't want to show our arms, but are still comfortable with bare shoulders.  Plus it's great for younger girls as well.

laura of Pembroke coterie buying trip new york City laura of pembroke coterie fashion

As you can see, Lauren (in the pink off the shoulder top) was trending at Coterie.  People actually stopped her to compliment her on her top.  She definitely had it going on.  It made the rest of us feel really bad about ourselves because no one commented on what we were wearing.  Of course we were all in black!  I thought we all look pretty cute too!  Just kidding!  It was pretty comical because we just waited for people to say something about how cute she looked... and she did!

It's always fun to spot someone famous when in NYC.  While we were perusing the Alexis Bittar goodies, fashion icon, Iris Apfel (also an Alexis Bittar spokes model) stopped by to look at a few things herself. Can you believe that she is 95 years old?  She really is something!

Laura of pembroke coterie alexis bittar iris apfel

laura of pembroke iris apfel fashion coterie


 We were busy all day with appointments with our established fashion vendors: Ted Baker, Bailey 44, Comfy, Planet, Nicole Miller, Ella Moss, Splendid.  We have some great things coming in 2017. We also found some new vendors as well to keep things fresh and new in the store.

laura of pembroke coterie fashion

laura of pembroke splendid coterie fashion lauraof pembroke fashion coterie

laura of pembroke julie brown fashion coterie dress laura of pembroke Julie brown fashion coterie dress


At the end of our long day, we had an appointment at Hudson Jeans.  They were having a party.  They set up a showroom  as well as a lounge area with food and drink.  Fun, loud music was playing and the atmosphere was lively and entertaining.  They even had "bouncers" to let you in the lounge area.  Hudson Jeans was a nice way to end a long day!

laura of pembroke hudson jeans fashion coterie


On day 3, we had appointments at Kate Spade New York and Eileen Fisher.  We went to their showrooms in Manhattan.  Both are very impressive. Kate Spade New York always has a fun theme that follows through clothing, purses, and jewelry.  The spring season takes you on a journey through Morocco and North Africa.  It's nice to break up our trip and leave the large convention center and venture out into the fashion world of New York City.

laura of pembroke kate spade new york fashion coterie

laura of pembroke kate spade new york fashion coterie

laura of pembroke kate spade new york fashion coterie laura of pembroke kate spade new york fashion coterie

laura of pembroke coterie eileen fisher fashion 

Until next time NYC - Peace out!!!




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