Bookcase Style

Bookcase Style

"Style is primarily a matter of instinct." -Bill Blass 

So you've purchased that really cool shelving unit or maybe have had bookshelves built in to your family or living room area.  Now what? How are you going to adorn those shelves?  This is one the most common questions decorators face from their clients.  You can't leave those shelves empty.  Here are some tips to help you "Style your Shelves"! 

1. They are called bookshelves, so find some of your favorite books or some decorative books to start with on the shelves.  You can arrange your books both vertically and horizontally.  Depending on your style, use vintage books or cool coffee table books.  Don't forget some interesting bookends as well.

bookshelf styling laura of pembroke!

bookshelf styling laura of pembroke

bookshelf styling laura of pembroke



2. Layering the heights on the bookshelf are a great way to show visual interest.  You can pair tall items with wider or shorter accessories.  Placing an object on top of books that are laying flat is another great way to add style to your bookshelf.

bookshelf styling laura of pembroke

bookcase styling laura of pembroke

bookcase styling laura of pembroke


3. Display collections of objects like vases, sculptures, or geometric shapes.  If you have items that have meaning to you, they can individualize your space.

bookshelf styling laura of pembroke

bokshelf styling laura of pembroke

bookshelf styling laura of pembroke


4. Color coordinate the items on your shelves.  They can coordinate with the color you're using in the room or just add a pop of color to a neutral room.

colorful objects to decorate shelves laura of pembroke bookshelf styling

colorful objects decorating a bookshelf laura of pembroke

colorful decorating of bookshelves laura of pembroke


 5. Decorate your shelves with interesting artwork.  It can be your child's framed finger painting or a special piece that speaks to you.

bookshelf styling with artwork laura of pembroke

bookshelf styling with artwork laura of pembroke

bookshelf styling with artwork laura of pembroke


6. Use a pop of wallpaper or paint inside your bookshelf to help show off  the items on it.

styling bookshelves with wallpaper or paint laura of pembroke

bookshelf stying with wallpaper or paint laura of pembroke

bookshelf styling with wallpaper or paint laura of pembroke

bookshelf styling with wallpaper ot paint laura of pembroke

 bookshelf styling with wallpaper or paint


You might have some gems packed away in the attic that would make amazing fillers for your bookshelves.  If you're starting from scratch, choose items that show off your personality and speak to you.  Don't forget to checkout Laura of Pembroke's home accessories for decorating your bookshelves.





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