Bar and Counter Stools for Every Style

Bar and Counter Stools for Every Style

Kitchen Islands are becoming more and more of a kitchen staple.  It allows for another place to eat, sit and relax all while having a view of the kitchen.  Kitchen stools and bar stools are becoming a must have piece of furniture and Laura of Pembroke is just the place to go!  

Here are a few staff picks for counter and bar remember if you don’t see something that will go with your decor our interior design team will work with you to find the perfect piece for your space!
Retail Price: $405
Our Price: $297
Pros: Since there is no upholstery this one is great if you have children! They also come in dining chair height, if you want all of your kitchen seating to match!
Cons: If you’re a stickler for a comfy seat, you might want to go in a different direction or add a seat cushion. We have thousands of fabrics and can work with you to make a custom cushion to fit your taste!
Bar and Counter Stools
Bar and Counter Stools
Retail Price: $510
Our Price: $383
Pros: This counter stool is a great neutral color and will go with almost any color
palette! Plus, the seat is super comfy!!
Bar and Counter Stools
Retail Price: $657
Our Price: $548
Pros: The perfect piece for a modern and minimalistic look. The acrylic back is perfect as to not block the view of the rest of your kitchen. These can be ordered in silver, gold, or black finish.
Bar and Counter Stools
Retail Price: $687
Our Price: $504
Pros: The tufted back!! Need I say more? This elevates the look of any kitchen with the beautiful detail of the back of these counter stools.
Cons: This style is a little wider than most because of the nature of the slight winged back. They will take up some additional space around the island, which isn't a problem if you have some to spare! If you're tight on space or have a large family, something a little more compact might be better.
Bar and Counter Stools
Retail Price: $345
Our Price: $253
Pros: Perfect for a warmer look, especially in a bar area. This is one of our current go-to styles, available in bar and counter height, and you can see them at the new Still House at Gervasi Vineyard!
Bar and Counter Stools
Retail Price: $203
Our Price:  $169
Pros:  Under $200!  And it is great if you want to push them completely under the counter.
Cons: Backless! This is totally a personal preference, but if you’re looking for ultimate comfort you might want something with a back.
Bar and Counter Stools
Stop by Laura of Pembroke to find the perfect counter/bar stool for you home today!  And remember...we can always special order you something if we do not have it in stock!
**All in-home photos are past Laura of Pembroke projects and may be reposted with photo and design credit given to Laura of Pembroke, Inc.**

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