An Everyday Blazer

An Everyday Blazer

Some of my favorite pieces of clothing are pieces that I can just throw on, feel great, and just go.  We recently started carrying a convertible blazer made by Miller Wendt and when you try it on you will never want to take it off!  

This blazer has so many possibilities that you will be able to wear it daily.  Between choosing the color of your hoods, picking your patches, and selecting the perfect color this blazer will truly be yours.  And here is the best part-it stretches! You can also wear this blazer with or without the hood to give it a totally different look. 
The Miller Wendt 'Sloane’ blazer is available at the Pinecrest location (and soon in Canton!) of Laura of Pembroke and we are happy to special order you the combination that works best into your life! 

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