Luxe Lighting!

Luxe Lighting!

"This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine!" - Harry Dixon Loes

Luxurious lighting gives you something beautiful to look at all the time.  Your home should be well lit, but also make a statement when it comes to your lighting. A chandelier can be chic and glamorous and make a stunning statement and transformation in a space. What does luxury lighting mean to you?  It definitely means different things for different people. 

luxe lighting stunning chandeliers laura of pembroke string chandelier luxe lighting
laura of pembroke lux lighting

Style of fixture can make a light luxurious. Crystals or other ornate detailing might make you choose a specific light over another.  Depending on the style of your home, you may choose to stay within that style for chandeliers, lamps, or sconces.

ornate and crystal detailing luxe lighting laura of pembrokecontemporary lighting lux lighting laura of pembroke
luxe lighting crystal chandelier laura of pembroke

Elegance of lighting can also be shown in its finish.  Gold leaf or other luxurious adornments can train your eye toward the light.  Metallics aren't a new trend in interior design, but 2018 is the year for GOLD.  This metallic add warmth and a richness that complements everything else in the room. It can be fun to add a fixture that is a conversation starter or like a piece of art.

laura of pembroke gold chandelier crystal chandelier laura of pembroke
contemporary luxe chandelier laura of pembroke gold chandelier laura of pembroke lux lighting
luxury chandeliers laura of pembroke

It's always important to consider the size of your room when choosing a light fixture.  Grand and oversized lighting scream luxury as well as some added sparkle that the fixture illuminates.  The dazzle that comes from a  light will enhance the mood of any room.  Through various layers, a stunning piece adds soft and warm light providing a charming atmosphere to any room.

laura of pembroke luxury chandeliers
luxury chandeliers laura of pembroke

When choosing your luxe lighting, you want to make sure its impact is strong and provides the best possible light to contribute to the best possible ambiance. Whether you're choosing from an grand, ornate chandelier, or a simple black iron orb, luxe lighting is in the eye of the beholder.

lux chandeliers laura of pembrokeluxe chandeliers laura of pembroke
lux chandeliers laura of pembroke
orb chandelier laura of pembroke lux lighting


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